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better all round!

read on for just some of the reasons the round paper towel has the edge over regular paper towel rolls.

one hand grab no tear

unique round sheets are cleverly stacked so you can grab a single sheet with just one hand.

two rolls in one

with no inner tube, one ora stack has the same number of sheets as two regular paper towel rolls. lasts longer and takes up less space.

round sheet

Designed to fit your hand perfectly, Ora sheets are strong enough to tackle a dirty hob and soft enough to wipe a grubby face. And a super strong weave means it won’t disintegrate when wet.

eco friendly

Each stack has the equivalent number of sheets of two regular paper towel rolls and less packaging. That means fewer trucks are needed to deliver Ora – so that’s less pollution and congestion for all of us.

modern design

Too stylish to hide away in the kitchen, Ora fits as comfortably on the dining room table as in the playroom. Designed to sit solidly, it won’t topple and unravel like a regular paper towel roll.