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answers to frequently asked questions

everything you always wanted to know about round paper towels but were afraid to ask. we fill in the answers to those baffling ora-related queries.

The round shape better lends itself to being used with one hand, as it fits more naturally into the palm of your hand. Finally, the round shape means the product is much more space efficient than ordinary rolls. As it is more compact, it takes less space in trucks, on the retailer shelf and in the home. So Ora is very eco-friendly too!

Its one hand grab action, two rolls in one and eco-friendly credentials make it a better all round paper towel! We’d love to hear why you find Ora better than regular paper towels.

Yes! Because Ora sheets are cleverly stacked and not rolled around an inner cardboard tube, one Ora stack contains the same number of sheets as two regular rolls. So, no need to wastefully transport air inside a cardboard tube ever again! This also means more space on your work surface and in your cupboards.

We believe Ora towels strike the right balance between strength and absorbency and are wonderfully versatile. Importantly, they are strong enough when wet and soft enough to wipe a child’s face.

Currently made in UK with plans to manufacture in USA in the future.



Address: P.O. Box 8445, Green Bay, WI 54308-8445