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ora in the home

certainly not tied to the kitchen sink, ora is versatile enough to help out everywhere.


ora and food

cooking is a messy business – at least it is if you’re doing it right. ora’s one hand grab makes mopping up a breeze, and gives you something to display your cooking skills on afterwards.


ora on the move

in the car, on a picnic, at the park; mess doesn’t stay at home and neither does ora.


ora and kids

kids and mess go together like… kids and ora. sticky fingers, spills and splats, the easy one hand grab makes cleaning up child’s play. literally.


ora for diy dynamos

ora’s not just for domestic gods and goddesses, it’s also for diy dynamos.


ora in the office

ora is handy for wiping away morning coffee spills and coffee rings, or for wrapping your sandwich when you find yourself eating at your desk before dashing off to a meeting.


ora in the car

you’re on a long distance journey and you’ve stopped at a gas station for a quick bite to eat. you bite into a burrito and the sauce goes everywhere. enter ora – which you grab with one hand – to clean up the mess!


ora in the garden

Gardening is messy business. You’re planting some geraniums and before you know it, you’ve somehow managed to get mud everywhere.


ora for cooking

ora is the perfect solution for mopping away food grease. dab your bacon with an ora to remove some grease and enjoy!


ora for baking

whether you place it on top of your scales to weigh the butter; use it for greasing tins or for lining containers, shaking out your icing sugar or cooling your freshly baked cookies, ora is the perfect baking companion.


ora for pets

our canine and feline friends can be catastrophically messy, but we love them all the same.


on your bike

set aside 30 minutes to get down and dirty with your bike. ora is tough enough to clean your bike chain and get in-between all the parts of your bike from the front mech to the rear sprockets and frame.