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ora and kids

Kids and mess go together like… kids and Ora. Sticky fingers, spills and splats, the easy one hand grab makes cleaning up child’s play. Literally.

Because even the most well behaved children can be a handful, Ora gives you an extra free hand to deal with them.

Kids love to get creative and this usually leads to mess; but with Ora, wiping up is child’s play. Whether using the sheets or the stack, Ora is great for teachers, parents, or kids. Art and crafts, science projects, or simply as a lunchbox note from Mom that doubles up as a napkin, Ora and kids are a perfect match.

Ora’s great for getting creative juices flowing too. Halloween masks, rockets, snowflakes, silly hats – give them a stack and some crayons and watch their imaginations in action. And with Ora they’ll find mopping up as easy and fun as messing up

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