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ora in the home

Certainly not tied to the kitchen sink, Ora is versatile enough to help out everywhere.

And with the same number of sheets as two regular paper towel rolls, it lasts longer and takes up less space. Being compact means it’s easy to take from room to room and its design means it’s as much at home in the dining room as the playroom.

here’s some of our ora uses – what are yours?

food prep

Ora sheets are the perfect size and shape for those spills and grills in the kitchen with no wastage or accidental pulling off two sheets.


Strong enough to rub, wipe and polish without tearing, and perfectly hand-shaped so you use the whole sheet not just the middle bit. Being lint-free also makes it the perfect mirror, window and glass polisher.


Popped in the middle of the table, Ora looks good enough to eat with. Easy for kids to grab and dab themselves, one sheet at a time removal means you never take more than you need.


Pets are often grubby and always wriggly. One hand grab lets you mop the muddy paws without letting go of the collar.

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